Open or relocate your business in Bulgary

With a tax of 10%, Bulgaria, a member state of the European community, competes with tax havens.

There is always a better road to your busuness our purpose is to give you a hand to find it.




We assist Italian entrepreneurs interested in investing, relocating and promoting business in Bulgary. We provide 360 degree assistance for company formation, tax accounting and payroll management. Administrative, financial and legal advice. Commercial assistance (partner and product search, personal selection) and real estate (research and assistance in the purchase or rental of properties)

Tax advantages – tax taxes:

On personal income: 10% (independent of the amount)
On company profit: 10%
As can be guessed, this is the lowest level of taxation in the whole European continent.

In order to take advantage of the benefits offered by Bulgaria, it is necessary to have a structure subject to local taxation. We recommend opting for the limited liability company as it is the most suitable vehicle for launching projects of various sizes at low cost. The opening of the Bulgarian company SRL requires a maximum of 3 hours, so you can arrive early in the morning and leave again in the afternoon of the same day after completing the entire opening process: from the authentication of the deeds from the notary to the payment of the capital in the bank

Trusting professionals like us is convenient and safe

Our professionals, lawyers and accountants who speak perfectly Italian and english, will assist you in the practices relating to the opening of your Bulgarian ltd company. Obviously, the same consultants will always be at your disposal during the start-up phase and then in all cases where you may need their support.